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I offer psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, workshops and trainings, as well as supervision and consultation,



Psychotherapy provides a space for us to acquire insight and clarity, create new priorities, and gain the courage to change. 

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Traumatic experiences

  • Complex relationship issues

  • Divorce

  • LGBTQ issues 

Couples & Relationships

Couples therapy can be helpful in overcoming some common challenges in long-term relationships. I work with married, unmarried, monogamous, as well as poly/open & alternative relationships. 

  • Recovering from infidelity 

  • Healing sexual trauma and/or sexual dysfunction 

  • Minimizing problematic sexual behaviors or porn use

  • Developing strategies to better cope with sexual concerns 

Teens & Families 

Adolescence can be a dynamic and challenging time for both teens and parents. Our collaborative objectives could look like:

  • Increasing positive strategies for academic success

  • Overcoming depression and anxiety

  • Relating with peers and forming satisfying friendships

  • Developing self-esteem and confidence

My work with clients is guided by a deep, enduring curiosity about people and the complicated processes that are involved in the making of a self. After more than ten years of practice, I continue to be impressed by and interested in the unique ways in which we birth ourselves – how we make sense of our early, formative experiences, how we continue to shape ourselves in the context of important relationships, the ways in which we struggle to find a healthy balance between connectedness and a separate sense of self, the ways in which we might alter or suppress parts of ourselves to preserve important ties to others, and how we cope with the painful truth that sometimes the people we love the most are also the people who can hurt us the most.


Important relationships can be the source of both our greatest joy as well as our greatest suffering. Whether it be the loss of a meaningful relationship, a significant break up, a pervasive and unmet longing for companionship, or persistent ambivalence about romantic love, most of my clients enter therapy with concerns about relationship. These feelings might be accompanied by anxiety and fearfulness about social interaction or feelings of depression, harsh and devaluing self-criticism, or compulsiveness. This can take form in a variety of ways from workaholic behavior, emotional eating, or out-of-control porn use. 

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