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Supervision & Consultation






It is an honor to witness the unfolding and development of a therapist. Despite having supervised practicum students and newly licensed therapists for many years, I continue to be awe-stuck by the rewards that come with being in reflective dialogue with students in training.


Supervision is an inherently creative process. Together we think more deeply about your clients, their histories, the subtleties and nuances of what happens in the work—and we create space for you to reflect on how you’re impacted—your own associations/reveries, your body sense, and your feelings in session. I often use art and image-based explorations to help widen our scope, listen more deeply, and look more closely at what is happening in the counseling relationship.


I also offer consultation to therapists who want or need support with thorny clinical issues related to sexuality. As a psychoanalyst, I am curious about transference-countertransference dynamics and interested in how these features of the therapeutic relationship can be used in the service of the client’s growth and expansiveness. I am always happy to consult with therapists who are interested in deepening their clinical practice with psychoanalytic supervision/consultation. 

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